About Us

Advanced Vehicle Manufacturing, Inc. (“AVM”) builds purpose-built, all-electric buses for customers who need to move people cleanly, quietly, and cost-effectively.

The Challenge

AVM was founded because existing all-electric offerings are too expensive, not optimized for their intended use, not commercially viable in the challenging North American operating environment, and in almost all cases rely on expensive single-purpose and unique infrastructure that is incompatible with other uses.   These hurdles have hindered widespread adaptation of clean, all-electric drive technology, inflicting unnecessary costs and continued dependence on fossil fuels on conscientious operators ready to adopt green technology.

Our Approach

AVM’s approach is simple:  (1) Purpose-built, North American designs that draw upon proven diesel bus manufacturing experience; (2) sensible, cost-effective response to the customer’s operational needs that leverages existing manufacturing scales, and; (3) reliance on and compatibility with existing, readily-available North American charging infrastructures.

Parent Company

AVM is a privately held California corporation.  Its parent, Bus and Coach America Corporation (“BCA”), is a successful diesel bus manufacturer founded in 2010 by seasoned professionals with more than 100 years of combined U.S. bus industry experience.  That parent, BCA, took componentry that was proven, accepted and supported in the U.S. and, working with some of the world’s most advanced manufacturers, created a competitive motor coach that has changed the value equation for long-distance diesel motor coach operators.  Now proven, the BCA45 motor coach (pictured) has been selected to provide long-distance shuttle service to and from Los Angeles International Airport, regular scheduled Amtrak contract service, and charter and tour service with Trailways.

electric bus photo

Through its parent and related relationships, AVM has expended considerable resources that has led to its innovative, market-changing Shuttle.  In addition to its initial prototype vehicle, AVM also has:

  • Leadership with proven bus industry technical and business expertise.
  • Successful, market-leading private companies partnered with AVM’s parent and committed to EV development.
  • Eager municipalities and public agencies desiring an affordable all-electric solution.
  • World-class manufacturing with functionally unlimited production ability (1,000 units/month on one shift).
  • Significant technical, engineering, design and production bus industry expertise.