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EV Shuttle

AVM was formed specifically to change the value equation for all-electric shuttle buses:  Bring affordable, innovative all-electric buses and shuttles to market that (i) use componentry proven, accepted and supported in the U.S. and (ii) leverage the existing North American charging ecosystems.  More than five years of research, development and testing, including commercial service, have resulted in an innovative, high-quality all-electric shuttle: AVM’s EV Shuttle.

Specifically designed for the U.S. market, the EV Shuttle is a unique product that is the most cost-effective solution for shuttle operators that desire an all-electric shuttle that affords maximum operational flexibility while leveraging the existing electric vehicle charging infrastructures. AVM’s initial, proof-of-concept prototype is undergoing scheduled demonstration and testing with customers and prospects from June through October in California, Nevada and Texas.

Download AVM Shuttle specifications